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14 12, 2017

Does your website have a clear purpose?

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Here’s an easy question to answer: Do you have a website? For a tiny minority of businesses the answer is no.  If you’re one of those then good – you’re starting from a blank slate and have the chance to consider whether or not [...]

14 12, 2017

SEO & PPC: Search marketing to grow your business

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What’s your website supposed to do for your organisation?  Are you looking for visitors to buy directly off the site?  Perhaps you’re trying to entice a potential customer to contact you through the site?  Or are you trying to get potential customers to simply [...]

14 12, 2017

Is your web-site optimised for mobile devices? If not, Google are about to make your life difficult

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If a potential customer stepped up to the door of your business, even stepped inside the door, with an expression of interest in what you have to offer, what would you do? At the moment not having your web-site enabled for mobile phones is [...]